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 Celebrate walking   and wheeling to school 

 in Greater Wellington 

Kia ora - Welcome to 2020!

Ko tā Māehe Haere he whakatairanga i ngā hua o te hīkoikoi, pānukunuku me te kake paiki ki te kura.

Movin’March celebrates the benefits of walking, scooting and biking to school.

Greater Wellington invites primary schools across the region to encourage whānau to get active on the way to school for the month of March. Walking, biking and scooting to school can help increase independence, physical and mental health, decision making and road safety skills of our tamariki - and the school benefits from less chaos at the school gate.


There are lots of great resources available to help schools get walking and wheeling beyond Movin'March.


Find all the resources you need to get your school walking and wheeling for Movin'March and beyond


Find out about this year's competitions and prizes plus resources to get you and your peers movin'!


Find out what to expect if your school is taking part in Movin'March this year

"We always mean to walk but it wasn't until a flat battery one day that we gave it a go! We then recorded the distance and set ourselves the challenge of walking a total of 100km to and from school and celebrating when we achieved it. We love walking - it's the best part of our day! We chat and play imaginative games and get to school happy and energised. Life's so busy that it's one of our special times to just be together without other distractions."


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