He rā WOW mō te whānau

WOW Family Day 

Encourage the whole school to walk or wheel just for one day

WIN $100 Prezzy card

Schools - let us know your plans for your WOW Family Day and promote Movin'March in 3 or more newsletters (between 15 Feb and 31 Mar) and your school can go in the draw to win a $100 Prezzy card!   Just email details to: schooltravel@gw.govt.nz.

Pick a day during March (or one day a week) to encourage whānau to walk or wheel to school. Get your senior students on board to organise a fun Family WOW to school day.


Pick a theme

  • Fancy feet

  • Plogging or palking! Walking or jogging to school while picking up rubbish

  • Walk your family dog to school day

  • Dress your Wheels day

  • 80’s aerobics! Dig out the spandex & leotards

  • Treasure hunt on the way to school


When families get to school                                                                       

  • Hold a fancy feet parade, give out spot prizes for parent participation!

  • Offer free hot drinks at the gate

  • Give out spot prizes from your Movin’March prize pack


Advertise it!

  • Get students to design posters or invitations to promote the event to go home to parents

  • Put it in your school newsletter – download our newsletter copy to use

  • Share it on your social media and website


Tell us about it

  • Let the Movin’March team know your WOW Family Day plans to go in the draw to win a $100 Prezzy card

  • Invite the Movin’March team along! If we can’t attend make sure you send us some photos

  • Email us at schooltravel@gw.govt.nz


To help get your families on board, you could


Walk or wheel your family to school!


Find out how to set up drop-off points or a walk zone.


Families can plan their route to school with this activity.


Check out NZTA's guide to Walking School Buses.


Edit this poster template and stick up around your school.


Use key messages from 2020 as a guide. 2021 messages coming in January.