WOW Movin'Minds

Our challenge for Year 4 - 8 students invites them to explore the benefits of active travel and persuade their peers to think again during Movin’March


The Movin'Minds Challenge is now closed

WIN a Group Adventure trip!

Enter the district challenge by creating a persuasive slideshow or mini-movie that gets your peers thinking.


Explore how active travel is good for you, your neighbourhood or the Planet.

Six trips to Matiu/Somes Island courtesy of East by West are up for grabs!

Taking part in Movin'Minds

Either as an individual or a group, create a short slideshow presentation OR mini-movie to persuade younger students or your peers on how walking or wheeling to school can benefit you, your school community/neighbourhood or the planet (choose one, both or all three).


You could present your slideshow or mini-movie to friends for feedback before making a final presentation to a class or assembly.


To take part in this challenge you’ll need to: 

  • Be a Year 4 - 8 student

  • Talk to your teacher or parent/guardian about using an email address to submit your entry, so we can contact you should you win a prize

  • Work as an individual or in a group (maximum 4 students)

  • Choose to either submit a slideshow (maximum 10 slides and 5 mins to deliver) OR a mini-movie (maximum 3-5 mins long)

  • Each submission will go in the district competition to win a Group Pass to Matiu/Somes Island using Metlink Explorer Day Passes (2 adults, 4 children)

  • Students can only win once

  • Submit your slideshow or mini-movie using the form below

  • Refer to Terms and Conditions

Judging Movin’Minds

Our Movin’Minds panel will be asking these questions when viewing your submission:

  • Is it relevant to the theme of Movin’Minds [how does walking or wheeling benefit you, your community or the planet – either one, both or all 3]

  • Does it persuade or inspire other students in some way?

  • Are the idea(s) and/or message(s) clear?

  • How well does the movie or slideshow support the idea(s) and/or message(s)?

  • Is the film original / creative / challenging / inspiring / funny / have a ‘stand out’ quality?

Creating a Slideshow

  1. See slideshow tips on this page

  2. Use up to a maximum of 10 slides (taking maximum of 5 mins to deliver) to present your images and argument

  3. Remember to include your notes so we can see how you’ve tried to persuade others of the benefits of active travel

  4. Slideshow accepted formats: PDF, PPT/PPTX and ODP (Open Office)

Creating a Mini-Movie

  1. See mini-movie tips on this page

  2. Final mini-movie time (3-5 minutes)

  3. Mini-movie accepted formats: MOV, MPEG4, MP4, AVI, WMV or MPEGPS

If you have any problems using this page, contact


Download the questions the judges will be using when viewing your entry


Use this handy template to help keep your presentation on point


Helpful hints before you press record


These Activities spark connections and deepen learning around the Movin’Minds competition

Submit your slideshow or mini-movie

Copy and paste the link to your slideshow or mini-movie

OR upload your slideshow or mini-movie below

Upload slideshow
Max 25MB

If you haven’t included notes in your slideshow please upload notes as a separate document so we know more about what you said

Upload notes for slideshow
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Upload mini-movie
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Note: It can take awhile to upload so please wait for the success message before closing

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