Hutt Central School Meet the Mayor

Last year students from Hutt Central School got the opportunity to quiz Hutt City Mayor, David Ogden, on how he used to get to school.

Student: Did you walk to school most days?

DG: Yes, I walked to school every day, and we never had any days off school. In fact it was very rare to have time off school.

Student: Did it take long to get to school and did it improve your fitness?

DG: Yes I suppose it took a while, and helped improve my fitness, but I loved sport anyway and used to spend every lunch hour playing sport.

Student: Did you walk in all types of weather?

DG: Yes I always walked, as we had no car. Public transport was also really good if we needed to use it.

Student: Did you realise you were helping the environment by walking?

GG: We didn't think about it like we do today.