Streets alive!

The streets of Churton Park will be alive with students walking, scooting and cycling. Thirty-three students at Amesbury have enjoyed the free Pedal Ready cycle skills programme, and the older students are now learning to ride their bikes with confidence on the streets around their school.

The overflowing scooter and bike racks outside Amesbury Hall suggest plenty of children and their parents are already active on their journey to school.

With many children living within a few minutes of school, teachers Urs Cunningham and Matt Ives expect even more families will take advantage of the calm autumn weather to walk, scoot or cycle to school. They ask that drivers take particular care, slow down and look out for youngsters out and about in Churton Park.

More than 40 schools throughout the Wellington region are taking part in Movin’March and Active April celebrations for students who walk, scoot or cycle to school. All parents are encouraged to let their children join in, even for part of the journey to school.

Or the Pedal Ready cycle skills programme

Pictured : A student gives a clear left hand signal as she turns into Claverton Grove under the watchful eye of Pedal Ready trainer Claire Hodge.