Stride 'n' Strutt

Pupils of Eastern Hutt Primary took to the street this morning with blinged up bikes, scooters and shoes to celebrate these great ways of getting to school.

Students who made active journeys were welcomed at the school gate with fun music and a Movin’March prize badge. They were buzzing about the great things they saw and experienced along the way. One student talked animatedly about the “ginger cat which walked next to them”.

There was a palpable positive feeling at the school gate; students arriving excited and alert, woken up by the fresh autumn air and the morning exercise.

Deputy Principal, Jean Mander described the effect of children making active journeys to school on congestion outside the front gate “There are noticeably fewer cars blocking the area in front of the school this morning; parents are instead dropping their children a few blocks away to give them some exercise and fresh air on their way to school”.

“It’s really great, I wish it was like this every day!”

Schools can improve the road safety and car congestion around their school by encouraging and supporting students to make active and sustainable journeys each day. Active journeys also teach children vital skills such as road awareness, risk assessment and route planning.