All In at South End

South End School’s All In Day was a hit this year! On Tuesday, the whole school rotated around various activities in their “Values Groups”.

These activities were a culmination of the lessons the students have been having on road safety with the Police Education Officers. Activities ranged from graphing how they travelled to and from school, mapping where they lived on a map, decorating their school gate and watching fun video clips which encouraged them to walk, scoot and bike safely to school. It is really awesome to see the variety of ways road safety and active transport can be incorporated into the curriculum and all aspects of school life.

The students also got the opportunity to practice the skills they had learnt from the Police Education Officers on a designated bike and scooter pathway. Kapai guys! Can’t wait to see you walking, scooting and cycling safely to school in future! This day was a great success and enjoyed by all the students.