2014 Winners!

Well done to all the schools who got creative and created beautiful Sensory Mural Maps. The Movin'March team have enjoyed hearing about the students participation and seeing all the wonderful things you have experienced on your journeys to school.

As a surprise, we are giving away scooter racks to THREE schools.

Put your hands together for:

KENAKENA SCHOOL: who had 215 students participate in Movin'March this year. Their map spanned 10 meters on the side of their school hall!! Kapai!

EASTERN HUTT PRIMARY: Their whole school is very big, so instead of creating a mural their student leaders came up with the idea of creating a human sculpture of a bicycle wheel. 650 students lay on the field, lining up as the wheel and spokes, and held their sensory pictures up for a photo. So innovative!

NORMANDALE SCHOOL: These guys made a beautiful and colourful map on the inside of their hall. Their creativity also extended to a very stylish Fancy Feet Parade and an eye catching school gate. Nicely done Normandale!

Thank you to all the schools who participated in the Sensory Mural Map Competition this year. We can't wait to see you back again next year for more fun prizes!