Staying safe at Te Aro

On Wednesday 25th March students at Te Aro School took a walk down The Terrace and around the blocks surrounding their school. As many students live in the area and frequently walk to and from school, teacher Anna Morgan helped them to identify key ‘hot spots’ to look out for to ensure they kept safe on their journey. Some of the hazards identified were steep and slippery pathways and steps, cars reversing out of driveways, rubbish bins on the pathway, as well as other people. Students were encouraged to keep their eyes and ears open and to look out for cyclists, and hybrid and electric cars which don’t make much noise.

Te Aro School is holding a Wheels Day on Friday and students were excited about the opportunity to bring their bikes, roller blades, scooters, skate boards and mini boards in. Student, Sjaak, informed me that on Wheels Day you can come to school with “anything with wheels. No cars though. Definitely no cars.” His friend, Tyler, said that it was great because you can “get on your scooter and have fun.” Greta said she was looking forward to Wheels Day because “I don’t play on my scooter that much and (on Wheels Day) I can have fun and do tricks.” It sounds like Friday is going to be a great day at Te Aro School!

Photo: Sjaak (left) and his friend Tyler (right).