Health-focused kids

Houghton Valley School is participating in Movin'March for the first time this year. Teacher Joe Ready says "the programme worked in well with an existing unit focusing on body balance, healthy eating, exercising and looking after yourself." The school has been carrying out a number of activities to get everyone excited about Movin'March, including Wheels Day, whcih I arrived in the midst of.

I spoke to a student names Tom Gulliver who explained that he was recording the names of every student who had used an active mode of transport to get to school. These students were then given a Movin'March badge or pair of shoelaces. He thought it was a great programme because "you get free stuff, you get fit and you don't get fat". Izzy said she enjoyed it because "it's the first time we've done it and I quite like walking." Mila said "I get to walk to school, I get lots of exercise and next year I can go in the triathlon." Alice thinks it's great because "I get to see lots of exciting things when I walk to school."

Other initiatives the school have been carrying out include a skit about Movin'March week, which was presented at assembly, and a piece of creative writing on active transport. Great effort Houghton Valley School!