Wheely good time!

Hutt Central School have taken on Movin’March this year and decided to spread their activities out throughout the month. Every Friday, they have been having a Wheels Day where students are encouraged to bring their scooters and bikes to school and ride laps round a big coned circuit. Before they started riding last Friday, students had a group discussion about what they should do to keep themselves and each other safe. They talked about why they needed to wear a helmet, using their brakes, about calling out when they want to pass someone, and about giving each other enough space.

One class has also been having regular class walks to the Dowse Museum on the other side of the Hutt River, what a great way to get there! They know all about where they should walk and how to stay safe as a group.

When a junior group of students were asked why they thought it was a good idea to ride their bikes and scooters to school (instead of riding in a car), they told me that “it’s more fun”, “it makes you strong”, “it makes you healthier” “it’s better for the air that we breathe” and “because finding a carpark costs lots of money, and it doesn’t cost any money to bring your scooter or your bike”. I think you guys know what you’re talking about!

As well as their regular Friday Wheels Day, today Hutt Central School are having their All In Day. Students will be dressing up their shoes for a fancy feet parade, walking to the Dowse, as well as doing some art, writing and statistics activities about active transport. Sounds fun!