Students drive wheels day

On Friday 20th March, Epuni School students organised a Wheels Day. Student organisers Jenuine, Lee, Faaris, Rolaine, Detroit and Anna chatted to me about what was involved in their Wheels Day. “Kids could come to school on their bikes, scooters, skate boards, roller blades and anything else with wheels” they called out excitedly. “We liked it because you can get fit, exercise your legs, get your energy up and most importantly have fun!” they told me. For those students who didn’t have any wheels with them, they could borrow a bike from Epuni School’s bike library, which runs throughout the year. What a great idea!

Students who participated in Wheels Day were rewarded with a Movin’ March badge, a sticker or a pair of shoelaces. Teacher Rosie Booth later informed me that these excited kids had decided to hold a Wheels Day and they had organised it too, thinking carefully about how to make the day fun and safe for everyone. Juniors were sent out to go wild on their wheels in the first break of the day and seniors were sent out in the second break.

Rosie Booth said that Epuni School ran the programme to “promote being active and healthy and to encourage alternative ways of getting to school that are more environmentally conscientious. The kids loved it!”