Rap stars and writers

Sometimes I walk to school with my friends. We play on the way. We talk about what we are going to do, our teacher and what we did yesterday.

I walk to school to learn. On the way I see kids playing and sometimes at the shop when they buy their lunch. When the bell goes they go to their class.

By Danny (Room 9)

Road Rhymes Rap

Going to school, school.

Saw $5 on the ground, ground.

Going down the ally way, hoping to find more money yeah

Going across the road, this is, this is getting really old

Stepping on the sticks, crack, crack

Tap, tap, starting to hop, hop

Going on the concrete

Now in the field

Going down the hill, hill

saw Room 1, 2 & 3 cross to 7,7,8

Going into class Room 9 is the best.

By Danny and Rhyme (year 5) about their journey to school