Silverstream gets active

Silverstream School ran a number of fantastic initiatives to get students actively transporting themselves to and from school during Movin’March week. My favourite was their 10 trip clip card. Each day a student walks, cycles, scoots, roller blades or skates to school they get a section of their card clipped. When they have all 10 sections clipped they get rewarded with a Movin’March badge, sticker or a pair of shoelaces AND 10 house points. The school is already very active in encouraging their students to keep fit and healthy – their Chug-a-lugs programme runs on Tuesdays and Fridays from 7.30am and involves students walking, jogging or running for 30 minutes. Any students who participate in Chug-a-lugs before school get two clips on their card. What a great idea! Silverstream School is also holding a Wheels Day and a couple of Fancy Feet Fridays. Amazing stuff!

Student Council members Hope, Max, Ashton Shahana and Katelin informed me that the school is participating in Movin’ March because it encourages the students to walk, get out and be healthy. “It keeps kids fit,” “we try to make it fun so children will get involved” “there are lots of different activities so everyone can participate.”