More than one way to ride

Movin'March week was a busy time for Plateau School in Upper Hutt. Students from all year levels got on board with many different activities - including writing stories about their journey to school, participating in a Scooter Safety programme, learning about Cycle Science, a Wheels Day and a Fancy Feet Friday. There was also a Walk to School day where students were encouraged to collect interesting items en route to make a sensory collage artwork at school. How fantastic! On Wednesday Wheels Day, a special guest came to visit. Plateau School are very luck to have grandparent, Neville Whitlock, in their school community. In his spare time, Neville is a welder who enjoys making unique and unusual bicycles. This includes a silver bullet-shaped, low-riding velomobile as well as a brilliant yellow cycle-wheelbarrow hybrid. Neville talked to students about each of his interesting masterpieces and took students for a ride in them round the playground. What a great week!