Hutt's Fun Feet

Hutt Central School students arrived at school during Movin'March with feet resembling animals, flippers, robots, funny monsters, locomotives and feathery mysteries. Along with glitter, pompoms, pipe-cleaners, recycled materials, googly eyes, bright coloured paint – some feet even sported wheels!

Students joined in a mass fashion parade where they strutted their stuff in the hope of impressing the panel of student council judges. The class judged to have the fanciest feet was awarded the highly contestable Fancy Feet Award - a real golden shoe.

The school also installed their first Walking Pou, on the nearby Te Mome Road. The school Pou was funded by Hutt City Council and decorated by the children. The Pou was carried to the site and put in the ground by a group of students who proudly call themselves the school Movin’March Monitors.

The Pou mark a place where parents can drop off their children; an organised Walking School Bus then walks with the group to school. This is a safe and effective way for students to walk together to and from school. It also helps to manage the traffic congestion outside the school gate at the start and end of the school day.

Hutt Central is also planning to install a second Pou in the middle of the school. It will be called the "friendship Pou" and will be where friends meet before walking home, or where the junior students meet a senior to walk with.