Students lead the way

Paraparaumu Beach School’s Student Council ran Movin’March this year. Greater Wellington’s School Travel Coordinator, Nicky Morrison, sat down with Year 8 Student Council members Kirsty Corbett and Mia Jackson to chat about their Movin’March event… How did the council get involved with Movin’March? Mr Thomas was sent stuff and our school has been involved before. How did you get started with Movin’March? We surveyed the classes to see what they wanted to do out of Funky Helmet day, Crazy Shoe day or Whacky Wheels day. Whacky Wheels was the clear winner. Then we chose the name and created posters to advertise it. Our poster message was: ‘Try to get out of the car’. What was the best part about being involved in Movin’March? We surveyed classes to see how they were travelling school (at the beginning of Movin’March) and then on Whacky Wheels day. Tons of people had wheels including lots of seniors (which doesn’t always happen). Picking winners was hard. The juniors did a really good job but their parents probably helped them. What was the hardest part about being involved in Movin’March? Not allowing skateboards and roller blades – some juniors were really stubborn about that. We needed more advertising and to tell people in advance. We gave out stickers the day before to advertise. March was really busy so we didn’t have time to do anything else for Movin’March. What ideas do you have for Movin’March 2017? Hold a funky shoe day so everyone can be included. Food prizes “everyone likes food”. The stickers were popular. What impact do you think Movin’March has had on your school? It is a good message to send. The drop off zone was not as busy. Some kids got dropped off halfway.