Students Talk Movin'March

Names, year, experience on the council: Max – Year 8, First year on student council Allie – Year 8, was a student representative on the student council in 2015 What things does your student council do? Ask student opinions on things by interviewing classes. Run events with deeper meanings e.g. can do something for a cause, donate lost property to a low decile school, dress up days, class swap, career day. Attend weekly meetings with DP Whaea Kate Morgan and Carol Shaw. Max – “It is a privilege to be on the student council. You have to be a good role model, resilient, have leadership skills and co-operate well with others. Tell me about your school and how students normally get to school? Mainly by car and bus. Most are able to walk but don’t. Max and Allie both scoot to school with friends unless it is pouring with rain and then scooting is a safety issue. Students coming by car is not seen as a problem by Max and Allie but something they would like to change in light of the rising obesity epidemic in NZ.

How did the council get involved with Movin’March? Plimmerton School has been participating in Movin’March for years but in 2016 the student council built on previous year’s activities of giving out stickers and prizes.

What did you do for Movin’March? The council designed posters to hang around the school and they promoted the event throughout the school. On the first and last days of Movin’March week the student councillors dressed up and decorated the school with balloons and encouraging chalk messages on the path to school. Councillors gave out the passports on the first morning and wrote the students’ names in. They stamped passports twice each day (and four times on the last day) to ensure students could finish their passports during the week and collect the stickers. The school decorated their shoes for the last day of Movin’March week. Each class put names of students forward to win prizes. What was the best part about being involved in Movin’March? Max – The responsibility of running an event. Allie – Likes taking part in things. Loved writing encouraging messages in chalk for the other students.

What was the hardest part about being involved in Movin’March? Lost passports and upset students. Not enough prizes for everyone.

What ideas do you have for Movin’March 2017? Lanyard/plastic sleeve to clip onto bag to hold passport cards. Drink bottles were really popular with the seniors. Coloured pencils popular with the juniors. The stickers were good and everyone loved the passports. They had a great turnout of walkers. Did you do anything Movin’March related in the classroom? No. The website was shown at a student council meeting and they loved the look of it, especially the blog stories about what other schools had done. What impact do you think Movin’March has had on your school? Half or three quarters of the school were walking or wheeling. Far fewer cars. Some students being dropped at the domain and walking to school from there.

To keep it going students could be rewarded for walking and wheeling by getting Gold Card points that they can spend or save. Do you think students at Plimmerton School would benefit from Pedal Ready cycle skills training? Yes but not a lot of kids can bike to school because they live up a big hill. Last year Wheels Week was very popular.