Kahutara get 'Movin'

"Today at Kahutara School we had a Movin March celebration. Because most of us come to school by bus and our school is on a 100km road we could not participate like other schools.

We decided to have a Movin celebration day where we challenged ourselves to spend all lunchtime and playtime moving.

We were all encouraged to bring to school things that help us move, e.g. scooters, bikes, skates etc. Some students build their own creation to bring.

On our concrete we set up several levels of obstacle courses where children could walk, run, skate and scooter on.

On the field we set up our cotton reels, elastic bands and a bench, hoop and tyre obstacles where again you could run or walk.

On our school BMX track we had a challenge where we counted how many rounds we could do in 15 minutes. Then at lunchtime we tried to better our tally. AND we did it!!!

Some children decorated shoes and feet for a mini competition.

Some ways we moved today

  • Piggy back

  • Cotton reels

  • Go cart

  • Elastic challenge

  • Balance walking

  • Stilts

  • Bikes

  • Scooters

  • Skakes