Maoribank School walking school bus makes a come back!

The Maoribank School walking school bus made a colourful comeback last Monday morning, marking the launch of Movin’March, a month-long celebration of walking and wheeling at primary schools throughout the Wellington Region. Karen Wellington, Maoribank School’s principal invited families to make the leisurely 15 minute walk to school dressed “in our most outrageous garb”. As well as decorated scooters and odd shoes, the bright colours were helped along by high-viz backpack covers courtesy of Greater Wellington Regional Council.

“The walking school bus has been going for ten years or more” says Karen. “But it waxes and wanes and we wanted to give it a bit of a push for Movin’March. We’d love to see it start up again”. With a roll of 75 with many living within walking distance of the school, the opportunity to start the walking bus up again rests with school community. “It just needs one person to commit to walking with the students – even if it was just one morning a week. We have senior students everyday on patrol at a road crossing to make safer to cross”.

Organized by Greater Wellington Regional Council in partnership with local councils, Movin’March is in its eighth year and going from strength to strength with a record 91 schools registered for the 2018 campaign. Walking school buses are just one way to celebrate Movin’March. Many prizes and competitions are available for schools, students and parents.

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Seth Pepere-Montgomery and Lyrikool Maru (6 yrs) show off their Jack the Kaka bag tags courtesy of Greater Wellington Regional Council

Manutiori Farrell (5 yrs) proud owner of the best-dressed scooter of the day, complete with Mohawk helmet scooters sets off with others from Timberlea Park on Monday’s walking school bus.

Maoribank School families and teachers organise hi viz back pack covers and give out other prizes to walkers during Movin’March

Hanarose Huriwai (7 yrs) walks with her fluro slap bands.