Woof n Walk to Kenakena School

Kenakena School are celebrating Movin’March every single day this month with student “passports” being stamped when they walk or wheel to school. Every Friday the school is also holding an event to mark the many ways activity can be part of everyday travel choices.

As well as holding bike and scooter to school days, there have been lunchtime obstacle courses and last Friday the school held a “walk your dog to school day”. Kenakena students walked with their furry friends to school then all converged on the playing field at 9.00am to get to know each other a little better. Dogs the size of Chihuahuas and Burmese Mountain Dogs all gathered to bark and sniff their way through their social morning.

Kapiti Coast District Council’s Transport Safety Coordinator Bruce Johnston together with GWRC’s Kapiti councillor and fellow dog-lover Penny Gaylor went along to support the event. Unfortunately Cr Gaylor’s 15 yr-old White Highland Westie Terrier “Lochie” was no longer up to a walk to school. “This is a great reminder of how walking biking or scooting is such a fun and healthy way to live” Penny says. “Walking or wheeling to school doesn’t have to be hard work and the smiles on everyone’s faces this morning is proof of that”. Cr Gaylor was joined by about 50 dogs and their human companions. “It was magic to see the huge range of dogs. There were British and French Bulldogs, really young puppies and all the dogs were incredibly well behaved, everyone loved it.”

Kenakena School holds its final event on Friday 23rd March with an “all-in car free day” to mark Movin’March, a month-long event organised by Greater Wellington Regional Council and supported by local councils.

Find out more at: www.movinmarch.com.