Clifton Terrace Model School’s Very Fancy Feet Parade

There was some serious fashion on show at Clifton Terrace Model School’s fancy feet parade on Friday 23 March, held as part of Movin’March - a month long celebration of walking and wheeling at primary schools throughout the Wellington region.

Students walked to their own beat with an eclectic array of adornments including fairy lights, flippers and a drum & drumstick attached to one pair of sneakers.

The parade was just one element in the month of activities designed to get students, teachers and families excited about active transport. Students Isla and Luca Auva’a have been loving being dropped further from school and getting a stroll in before school, and their mum Lagi Auva’a is singing the praises of Movin’March too.

‘It’s given us a reason to be more physically active. It’s easier for me to say as a parent, hey we’re doing this because it’s Movin’March. So they’re quite happy to get out a few metres down the road as opposed to being driven into the carpark.”

“It’s been really good. The fact we’re doing it at school has supported us at home.”

Organised by Greater Wellington Regional Council in partnership with local councils, Movin’March is in its eighth year and going from strength to strength with a record 91 schools registered for the 2018 campaign. Fancy feet parades are just one way to celebrate Movin’March with many prizes and competitions available for schools, students and parents.

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Isla and Luca Auva’a have been loving the extra walk before school during Movin’March.

Students enjoying the fancy feet fashion parade at Clifton Terrace Model School in Kelburn

Some seriously fancy feet on display at Clifton Terrace Model School