Walking Pou

Masterton Primary School makes great (Park and) Strides

Masterton Primary saw Movin’March as a chance to trial a new way of encouraging parents to allow their children to be active on their way to school. The students, with support from their local school travel plan coordinator and teacher, identified three Park and Stride locations within a kilometre of the school. The Park and Strides proved so popular that after two months the school decided to make them permanent.

An important brief in the development of permanent Park and Stride points for MPS was giving the points an identity which reflected positively on the school in the wider community. The school was aware of another scheme afoot at the time, an initiative to improve signage at the entrances to the Masterton town centre. 3D creative were commissioned for that task, and came up with markers (Pou) that welcome people and inspire journeys through the town.

So with the help of Wellington-based artist Sian Torrington, MPS developed their own style of Pou, Park and Stride markers to inspire safe and sustainable journeys to school! The school says the Park and Stride Pou development is a good fit with MPS’s Enviroschool philosophy. The senior school focus at the time was safe and sustainable travel to school, with particular emphasis on connecting to the wider community. Staff and parents from Manaia Kindergarten, based at MPS, are big fans of Movin’March activities. As future students of MPS, the kindy kids also benefit from the Park and Stride facility- walking scooting and cycling the recommended routes to school.