Movin'March Flashback to 2010

From the 22nd - 26th of March 2010, students from 35 schools across the Wellington region celebrated Movin’March. The inaugural event celebrated young walkers, cyclists, scooter riders and skateboarders and their contribution to the region’s environmental and physical wellbeing.

Participating schools received free resources and prizes to help promote walking and cycling events in their school. Activities among participating schools included road safety activities, junior bike group rides, whole school active travel days, wheels days and Fancy Feet parades. Susan Hutchinson-Daniel, Greater Wellington’s Sustainable Transport Projects Coordinator said, “Children learn and have fun when they walk, scoot or cycle to school. They see so much more, learn valuable road safety skills, and grow in independence and confidence.

Movin’March celebrated families who travel to school this way, and invited others to give it a go.” Melissa Moon, winner of numerous mountain running events and most recently the world stair racing champion, and Tamati Ellison, Hurricanes and All Blacks player, gave Movin’March their full support. Melissa was special guest at the official Movin’March launch at Cardinal McKeefry School, in Wilton, on Tuesday 23 March.

Both Melissa and Tamati have special memories of walking to school. Tamati said he loved walking to school. “I gained some vital life skills – independence and taking care of myself. And I will always be grateful to my parents for letting me do that. And I’m stoked that my nephews and nieces are able to walk to school too. It’s cool.” Melissa said her strong legs and determination were developed by walking to school up and down Wellington hills. “And of course I had some great times with my friends.”

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Hutt Central School celebrated Movin'March 2010 with Fancy Feet!

Paraparaumu Beach School kicked the first Movin'March event with a walk to the beach - one hundred and eighty students took to the streets to create Kapiti's largest Walking School Bus when the year three and four students went on their school trip to the beach. The students walked 2km to the beach and on the way they were met by the Community Constable who discussed road safety skills with them and showed them the best way to cross busy roads. The 2km walk home was helped with a much needed ice block and a rest.