Sense of Community

I am a parent leader of the Churton Park School Walking Bus. We have been walking to school daily through Glenside in all weather for two years now. When I started I had a newborn, so we've always had preschoolers and school age kids on the bus. The group has grown and for Movin'March this year we have four families involved. We've become good friends, a real village.

Both the school and Wellington City Council have been so supportive. The school regularly mention us in the school newsletter. The council have been very prompt at trimming vegetation on our route that we notify via the FixIt app. We've had a wonderful journey of route improvements too, from moving a bus sign pole so I could fit my buggy past it, to installing flashing 'school' signs outside the school. I've had kerb crossings added and a new yellow 'school' sign added by the school's lower entrance.

Our walking bus has become an icon on our street. We wave at neighbours as we pass. Even the Metlink bus driver flashed his lights at us this morning. It's fostered such a strong sense of community and belonging. And the kids love it. We've sung baby shark down the street, and cleared drains in the rain, and jumped in puddles with gumboots, and shared stories, and celebrated birthdays. Walking to school is a lifestyle, and we love it.

Andrea Wilson, Walking School Bus 'driver'

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