Biking to school pride

"Shes feel so proud and I am overcome with pride. Seeing my babies achieve things for the first time has been at the top of my buzz factor in recent days. While getting ready for school this morning she asked “can I ride my bike to school?” Puzzled I wondered why she would ask such a thing. She’s never really showed much interest in her bike and it’s sat in the garage longer than I can remember. My initial thoughts were apprehensive and I was worried about things like traffic and her skill level. But I put my fears aside and replied “sure thing!” We got the bike out and she nailed it. She had confidence and pushed through her own worries and fears. We stopped to snap this moment. Her first ride to school. And you know what, I’m also proud of myself, because I didn’t allow my fears or worries take over the opportunity. I empowered her to give it a go and didn’t hold my baby girl back from achieving something she was so keen on achieving."

Lea Seve, Parent

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