Finding a way

I am the Office Manager at Ngati Toa School, I need to take my car to school daily for emergency situations. I have a 7 year old son Lewis and a 5 year old student, Ruby who travels to attend school with me. I also drop my 4 year old across town to his caregiver, so I had to figure out a way to get Ruby and Lewis to start movin' during March and also to think about beyond March. The junior classes at our school took their students for a walk to a nearby street to show them how they can walk safely to school without crossing any roads at all, so after discussion with Ruby's dad, we decided to start walking the kids from there every day. The kids then come to the office to get their card sign and also so I know they arrived safely at school. Our family have also taken to taking our puppy Honey every day to the park or the beach so we all get some movin' happening for all of us. This Movin'March has really got our family thinking and actioning our lives!

Kiri McKelvey, Ngati Toa School Office Manager and Parent

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