Movin'March boosts confidence

Wheels day was a big hit with Kahurangi students last Wednesday as part of their moving March celebrations. Tamariki brought rollerblades, scooters and bikes to school for Wheels Day every Wednesday this month and it has been so popular the school has decided to make Wheels Day on Wednesdays a permanent fixture in the warmer school months.

Kahurangi School parent, Elizabeth said her daughter Friday was nervous and hesitant about learning to ride her bike but said "because of Movin’March, she made the determination to face her fears—and now she's riding like the wind!"

Another parent, Lea Seve, said she was proud her daughter rode her bike to school for the first time. "While getting ready for school this morning she asked “can I ride my bike to school?” My initial thoughts were apprehensive and I was worried about things like traffic and her skill level. But I put my fears aside and replied “sure thing!” We got the bike out and she nailed it. She had confidence and pushed through her own worries and fears. I’m also proud of myself, because I didn’t allow my fears or worries take over the opportunity."

The school also switched to daily Wheels Days for the month of March to cater for the demand from students. Kyran Smith, Principal of Kahurangi School says "This is the first time Kahurangi School has taken part in Movin'March and the kids have totally embraced it. You could see how it worked for all children not just the active ones, so everyone gets moving. We would love to keep the momentum going".

Friday riding her bike

Lea Seve's daughter on her first bike ride to school