Benefits of Movin'March have been priceless!

I received this email from a Roseneath parent:

"I wanted to let you know that Bobbie has scootered to school every day in March except for the two that she stayed home with a fever. She hasn't scootered all the way from home, just from the one-way part of Grafton. Since the first of March, she has improved dramatically on her scooter - her balance and confidence in braking are much, much better. At the beginning of the month, she'd be riding at a pace slower than walking, even with my arm around her. Now, I'm running to catch up. We'll start keeping an eye out for a proper two-wheeled scooter for her to step up to.

Although at first Movin'March wasn't my favourite thing (being hopelessly disorganised, I struggle getting Bobbie and her stuff to school on time under the best of circumstances), I certainly appreciate how it has motivated her, how she's stuck with it (despite a bit of missing skin) and how some of the other kids have really supported her in this. Thanks!"

It struck me that Movin'March is more than putting a sticker on a passport. it has been about establishing habits and getting families out exercising together. We have groups of children who meet to scooter together to school every day now and will continue to do so.

There are children who have walked by themselves to school for the first time or are walking to a bus stop further from home or school to take part. We now have a large group of scooterers who enjoy using their scooters at break times and have really improved their skill level.

As a teacher I am so pleased to have registered for Movin'March. The possibility of a prize has been motivating but the benefits of participation have been priceless!!

Jenny Foote, Roseneath School