Getting fit with Movin'March

Eastern Hutt has been a Movin’March school the last few years and this year they chose to celebrate with a whole school fancy feet parade.

Children were decked out in fancy footwear of every variety with some serious creativity on show.

The celebration was also an opportunity for senior students to exhibit displays providing inspiration to younger ones about how to stay fit and healthy.

Year 6 student Sachleen with friend Rheya devoted more than a whole weekend to their project.

“Staying fit keeps us healthy and it makes us stronger mentally and physically. Movin’March is one way to do this because you can walk, bike or scooter to school.”

They learned that children aged 6-17 years should generally exercise 60 minutes a day and walking to school was just one way to easily achieve that goal.

Movin’March at Eastern Hutt School has been educational, active and a whole lot of fun!

Walking School Bus for last day of Movin'March