Wheels on show in Greytown

Greytown School celebrated the final day of Movin’March with a jam-packed event schedule including obstacle courses, bikes races and fancy feet and wheels parades.

Bikes and scooters decorated by the juniors, were on show in the morning. There was a wide range of imaginative designs from unicorns to sharks, fire engines, pest control agents and minions.

Later on in the day senior students showed off their impressive scooter and bike skills jumping over ramps and other obstacles.

Teacher, Rachel Burt said they had a fun filled day with lots of children out in the playground moving.

Principal, Patrice O’Conner said it was a great way to end an amazing month.

“Movin’March was bigger than ever this year with kids and parents really getting behind the event. It’s been a delight in the morning to see kids biking to school and organising to meet their friends on the way.”

Greytown School parent, Rebecca Kempton has been enjoying the benefits of biking the 3km to school with her children Greta aged 6 and Harry aged 8.

Rebecca says the kids really look forward to riding to school.

"We have little chats on the way and point out different things we see like the leaves changing colour or cows in the paddocks. It's a really nice way to start the morning and the kids arrive to school more energised."

Rebecca says biking to school also provides an opportunity for Greta and Harry to learn about road rules.

"We live on a rural road so drive to most places. Biking to school is a great chance to teach the kids how to ride safely on the road and what to do at intersections."

Patrice hopes families continue with their enthusiasm for walking and wheeling to school beyond Movin'March and looks forward to seeing students arriving to school bright and energised.

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