Biking to kura

Before I knew anything about Movin'March I would always get my kids to walk or scooter to school no matter the weather. It was not only to get active with them but it was also to show them road rules and what to do if anything was to happen along the way.

Then our kura (school) actually got involved with this Kaupapa Movin'March and I was one of the parents who was asked to get involved so I did.

Long story short. During Movin'March I picked up other tamariki along the way to and from school and got them into the feels of walking or scootering just to give them a boost of their own independence.

My son who is 8 years old never knew how to ride his bike but during Movin'March he actually did it. If it wasn't for Movin'March my son would still be walking along side me and his brother but now they both bike to and from school.

I can't be thankful enough to the organisers of Movin'March for helping our kids get out there.

- Aroha Patene, Naenae School parent