Milo Wednesday at Ngaio School

Eager students with byo cups, and some of their preschool siblings queued up the driveway for Milo Wednesday at Ngaio School. The student leadership team, Nga Rangatahi o Ngaio who organised the event, corralled the students to two tables - one for hot drinks and one to stamp passports. In the queue were William and Noah who round up six or more of their friends to scoot to school together every day. Deputy Principal Kirsten Reid says more and more parents are finding it easier to let their children walk, scoot or bike, even for some of the way to school. They're using the Park 'n Stride spots on streets around the school, where students gather and walk the last few metres together. It's after 9 am when the cheerful cry goes out, “Don’t worry about the bell, stay in line,“ calls student leader Lily. There's plenty of time for a chocolate treat at this school's traditional Movin'March event.