Poutawa whānau loving Movin'March

Kia Ora! Our son, Jahdyn, is Year 2 at Boulcott School. Often, school drop offs would be a challenge for us. Jahdyn absolutely LOVES school, but often would not want Māmā or Pāpā to leave! Then Movin’March came along. Jahdyn was SO excited to get involved. He asked to ride his bike to school - on the first day we all went together and had so much fun! Every day since Jahdyn has asked to be dropped off at the Walking Post nearby school and bike the remainder of the way by HIMSELF! He loves getting his passport stamped by the school monitors at the gate. This has been an awesome way to give him some responsibility, have a successful drop off and get actively moving to school! As a whanau we are loving Movin’March. It is awesome to see so many kids and families walking, scooting and biking to school! Ka mau te wehi!