Kids love new kinder-on-the-planet prizes

Paekākāriki School held their Major Movin’March Morning last Friday to acknowledge all the families who walk bike and scoot to school. Senior students were stationed at the school’s two entrances to hand out spot prizes.

Movin’March lead teacher, Rachel McMullen says “it’s great to have Movin’March encourage active travel to our school, many of our families actually do this already but the celebration really helps reinforce these values”.

Greater Wellington Regional Council's Travel Choice Coordinator, Kirsty Barr, visited the school and saw how well students were responding to the kinder-on-the-planet merchandise introduced for the first time this year.

“Teachers are telling us how students are loving our ethically sourced, non-plastic collectables this year. It’s really reinforcing the connection we wanted to make between active travel and climate change. Students wanted this and have really led this change which is fantastic” Kirsty says.

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