Biking brings connection, conversation and great big smiles!

At the beginning of the year, both my son and I made the big change to a new school, which bought along with it many challenges. But, being closer to home, he made a big call and set us a challenge that we would bike to our new school everyday.

February got off to a great start with Bike Greater Welly to inspire us, then when we realised that our new school was taking part in Movin'March, we were unstoppable!

Some of my new colleagues and students have a good giggle seeing me bike along with my skirt/dress tied up, and my daily hairdo has suffered immeasurably, but hey ho, that ain't going to stop us!

We used to go for short weekend bikes, which would result in moans and groans and stops and starts, but since biking to school each day, the moans have subsided and the stops have drastically reduced!

Our day start and ends with connection, conversation and great big smiles! Now we are on lockdown for a month... which we are determined will not deterred us. We've made a pact that we will wake up as usual and go for a morning ride (making sure, of course, that we are socially distancing ourselves!), which will set us up for the day at home. Wind, rain or shine we are out there and loving it!