Keeping it fun at Trentham

Wheels Day was a big hit at Trentham School last Thursday. Juniors and seniors whizzed around on two wheels over their lunch-hour, under the watchful eyes of the Kaiarahi Student Leadership Group. Kind and safe behaviour was rewarded with Movin’March spot prizes handed out by senior students.

Lead teacher Jillian Adams says with all the uncertainty about if or when schools would close, it was really important for kids to be active, have fun and celebrate in a healthy way. Jillian has noticed that each year Movin’March has got bigger and bigger at Trentham School. “The kids love it. We have senior students at both entrances marking off their walk and wheel trips over the month and we've found the te Reo resources simple and easy for the kids to do this year. We’ll certainly be back again in 2021".