Walk your Dog to School Day - A Kenakena Classic!

Families with dogs of all shapes and sizes converged at Kenakena School last Friday to celebrate their annual "Walk your Dog to School Day". The celebration was one of four events the school was running to mark active travel to school during Movin'March.

This year the turnout was better than ever with excited dogs and children playing exceptionally well together. There was much mingling and (dog) sniffing before the start of class. Dogs waited patiently while children patted them and socialised amongst themselves enthusiastically whenever they got the chance.

Teacher Tatia Downer said "This year it felt bigger and the timing was perfect. With everything going on at the moment it's important to grab these opportunities to celebrate and have fun. At a time of uncertainty, it's a great way to get some smiles on their faces and keep things light".

The school also arranged for today's celebrations to coincide with an "odd sock day" appeal to mark Down Syndrome Awareness Day on 21 March. Teacher Ryan Jackson commented that the previous week's Bike to School day was also a huge success with record numbers of bikes coming into the school grounds. Students constructed a hugely popular bike track around the edge of the field, including jumps and plenty of opportunities to practise their bike skills. "These Movin'March activities are great. I mean, who doesn't love dogs or bikes? Doing things like this just brightens up everyone's day and it's what everyone needs".