Whānau keep on moving

Kia ora e te iwi,

I am a mama of three beautiful children. Last year I was approached by one of our kaiako at Naenae Primary who asked if I would like to participate in Movin'March. I for one had never heard of Movin'March til she explained what we had to do and cause I am all about tamariki I agreed to do it as I was already walking to kura with my kids.

Movin'March defs helped myself and my tamariki get moving on the way, we even had other tamariki join in too. On our way to and from kura the tamariki would learn what to do and what not to do when it comes to roads and how to cross them properly using the crossings whether they were walking or biking or scootering.

No matter what the weather was like we would all still get our walk/bike/scootering on. I started off with just taking my lot then more and more tamariki joined in then parents got word of Movin'March all because of them seeing us doing it and hearing their tamariki going back to tell them .

Now in March 2020 things took a bit of a change due to us being in lockdown cause of covid-19. Just because we’re all in lockdown doesn't mean you can't still keep Movin'March going when all ya have to do is set something outside on your backyard or inside and keeping it going. Me and my whānau have still continued to do it and I hope youse all continue as well. Don't let the lockdown get you or your tamariki down. Whānau - youse have got this.

#MovinMarch #KeepItGoing #TamarikiMaUseAreAmazing

Ngā mihi,

Mama Aroha