Our family's Movin'March journey

Week 1

Movin March! This is our first time to join Movin'March. I know about this from my daughter on a Friday afternoon two weeks back. It’s her first term in school too and she is still not settling well in big school. But when she told me about this Movin'March I can see her interest and enthusiasm.

Here comes Monday, 1st day of Movin'March. Park my car a bit far from school so that we can walk to her school as her per request. We received a Movin'March passport challenge and a stamp for the first day! She was excited and at the end of the day, she was looking forward to stamps and completing the Movin'March passport.

The next day, we had another stamp and it made her stop crying at school as she was looking forward to it. It helped her! And helped me too as I’m currently on 20ish weeks and needs walking. We love our time walking.

Week 2

Movin'March! We are still Movin’Marchin this 2nd week of March. Our daughter prefers walking as we get to talk, discuss things, sing along and most especially hold hands. She’s loving our time together. We completed our Movin’March Passport on Day 06 as it was Teacher Only Day on a Friday. She’s so happy she completed it and we’re on to our 2nd passport.

We saw butterflies, discussed safe walking on the footpath and we saw the moon this week one early Friday morning. It was a bit cold and drizzly some days this week, but it didn’t stop us walking to school. On to our next week’s journey with Movin’March.

Week 3

Movin March! Our Movin'March journey continues! Walking or wheeling to school is beneficial for both of us. First it helps Mom to priorities time and set up time to walk to school. This week the weather is bipolar, morning may be windy then sunny in the afternoon. Completed our 2nd Movin'March passport challenge this week. She is happy.

This week, due to covid-19 Mom is working from home as she’s pregnant. We tried biking and scooting to school too this week. She finally, gets to bike again. We’re discussing a lot of road signs this week too as we’ve been walking from home to school.

Walking or wheeling to school is beneficial. We get to discuss a lot of things that we can’t see when we are driving. And lastly, walking or wheeling to school is beneficial. It gives you that “kick” to start your day especially on a Friday when your weekdays fully loaded with day to day errands.

Earlier our faces were sloppy, tired and we both don’t want to get out from bed. But look at that happy face! Walking or wheeling gives you that energy and happiness especially on Friday morning.

Week 4

Movin’March still continues, but this week due to Covid-19, NZ is entirely in lockdown. We have to spend time at home, especially because I’m pregnant. We are loving spending time at home this week not sure about the other weeks to come. We love our study time and our exercise going out in the front yard time.

Last weekend, my little princess was busy doing a “what you can see on the road” card. She thinks what she can see on the road and then draws it. And next day, Monday school time we walked to her school and she gets to stamp those things she can see on her card. Sadly, that was the last day of school this term due to covid-19.

This week, we thought of ideas on how we can incorporate Movin’March even just in our front yard as they announced Movin’March still continues. We sure wanted to finish and complete the journeys this month. Thus, my little princess gets to dress up in her exercise time in the afternoon. She was a butterfly on Tuesday, a Wonder Woman on Wednesday, then a wet giraffe on Thursday and a Little Princess doing her ballet routines on a Friday. She enjoys the running and the jumping and the flying (LOL) and we get to experiment with other things to use, like the gym ball and, practicing biking without the training wheels.

The best part of all these is we get to spend more time as a family. It’s a little bit difficult for me to juggle my time working at home while home-schooling her or finding ways to entertain her without the gadgets. But at the end of the day, spending time with her and teaching her and seeing her face light up whenever we both do activities together is worth it. She is a little reminder that in a moment there is happiness and blessings.

So, on to next week’s Movin’March journey… Last 2 days of Movin'March, and we both enjoy documenting each weekday of Movin’March.