Jack's Lockdown Passport

Keep active during time away from school with the Jack's Lockdown Passport - use Jack's ideas or use the blank passport and come up with your own ideas. Click on the links or images below to download your passports.

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Blank Passport > DOWNLOAD

1. Take notice

Go for a walk in your local park or green belt

2. Keep learning

Design a map of your area and where people might need help

3. Give

Join the Teddy Bear scavenger hunt by putting a bear in your window

4. Connect

Write letters to friends and hand deliver them*

5. Connect

Walk and wave - check on your neighbours

6. Keep active

Try an online yoga class for kids or JumpJam in your lounge

7. Give

Walk the dog or your parents!

8. Keep learning

Use a carbon calculator to work out your saved emissions

9. Keep active

Jump on the tramp or draw a hopscotch game with chalk

10. Take notice

Explore an area near your home - count the birds!

* Ask them to wait a day or two before picking it up! Current research suggests COVID-19 can last up to 24 hours on paper/cardboard.

Please visit the covid19.govt.nz and www.mentalhealth.org.nz websites for support and advice on what is safe and appropriate for you and your whānau