Bellevue School brings Movin’Minds into the classroom

Switched on students at Bellevue School are exploring ways that vehicle traffic have an impact on the environment, their personal health and the future of mermaids!

Under the guidance of teacher Jenny George, Years 4, 5 and 6 students worked in groups to create mind-maps, storyboard plans and played with different camera angles in preparation for submitting their mini-movies in the inaugural Movin’Minds competition.

Greater Wellington's Travel Choice Coordinator, Kirsty Barr, was invited to visit the class to see what was happening behind the scenes and found the students energised and excited about their projects.

“Their enthusiasm was great. Each group were really committed to their story and careful to make the connection with travel choice or bigger issues such as climate change. This is Bellevue’s first Movin’March and it’s really impressive how they’ve got behind it. Letting us visit is a great way for us to share new ideas with other schools”.

Kirsty also visited the student council group who were being helped along by Deputy Principal Annete Borgonje making posters and plans to promote the school’s Wacky Shoe day which will celebrate active travel on the last Friday in March.