Students explore the benefits of walking and wheeling to school in creative movies and slideshow

Congratulations to Crofton Downs Primary School who won all three placements for the Movin’Minds competition! Students were asked to create a short slideshow presentation or mini-movie to explore how walking or wheeling to school benefits themselves, their school/neighbourhood or the planet.

Zara, Katie, Ashley and Olivia shared a great message about how students can 'Park and Stride' in their video 'Active to Infinity'. Micah's slideshow presented the benefits of active travel and Lucas, Aaron, Jake, Albert showed us why you should wear your helmet when riding your scooter in their video 'Helmet Safety'.

The judges were impressed with the quality of the entires. Well done to the winners!

Thanks to our sponsor Weta Workshop, our lucky winners have won a tour of the Weta Cave Workshop.

Active to Infinity

by Zara, Katie, Ashley, Olivia

Benefits of Active Travel

by Micah

Helmet Safety

by Lucas, Aaron, Jake, Albert