Students get Movin' at Kimi Ora

by Paige Walls, Rehabilitation and Exercise Facilitator at Kimi Ora School

The students at Kimi Ora school put their own spin on Movin’March this year. While active transport to school isn't necessarily viable for most students at Kimi Ora there is no slowing them down when it comes to staying healthy and active during their school day.

At Kimi Ora School there is a huge variety of physical abilities within the student population but every single student is catered for. Throughout their school day students have access to standing frames, walking aides, bikes, adapted trikes, scooters, swings, trampolines and many more pieces of equipment that they can utilise during class sessions, free time or when they need an active break to keep their mind ready for learning.

Also, as part of their regular schedule each class has a swim session where they can work on physiotherapy, life skills or learn to swim goals. Kimi Ora students across all sites are keen to put all their hard work to good use by participating in Movin’March in the future and earning rewards for the physical education they are regularly doing.