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This  fun, free interactive tool gives students the opportunity to create heat maps of their area, showing how they travel to school. It is designed for students to enter their own travel data, and easily create class and school reports.

Why is this of interest to your school?

Schools throughout the greater Wellington region have been encouraging their students to be active on the journey to school for many years.  Why? They’re looking for solutions to:

  • congestion at the school gate

  •  road safety concerns

  • inactive and inattentive students.


Sound like your school? Get on board with Track Our Travel

The Track our Travel online tool will help you find out what is happening in your area. Your school will get an accurate picture of students travel patterns in heat map form, and relevant reports which can be shared with parents.

This information will support active travel initiatives and contribute to your emergency planning requirements, by connecting parents with others in their neighbourhood.

Additional support

Track our Travel comes with curriculum resources, a huge range of ideas and goodies for active travel promotions, and incentives to keep collecting data.

It is part of a suite of initiatives offered in partnership with local councils which include:

  • Pedal Ready

  • Movin’March

  • Bikes in Schools

  • EnviroSchools

  • Walking School Bus


More Information

To discuss how Track our Travel could work for your school or for more information please contact:

Sustainable Transport Team – Schools Co-ordinator

(04) 830 4333

Travel Tracker Home Page
Travel Tracker Home Page

Log Travel
Log Travel

Heat Map
Heat Map

Travel Tracker Home Page
Travel Tracker Home Page